A Memorable Family Photoshoot in the Tuscan countryside.

1 September 2020

Magali & Cedric’s Family Holiday Photoshoot

I welcome you all again to another blog post and hope you will enjoy it. I am a professional photographer who offers photoshoot services to locals and foreigners, including engaged couples, newly wedded couples, vacationers, and families that come to Tuscany for holidays.

I believe going on family holidays and have a professional photoshoot allow people to strengthen family bonds and make memories.

A family holiday, without a shadow of the doubt, gives you freedom and space to relax and interact with your loved ones. Families who take holidays or vacations have low stress and a better outlook on life.

Anyway, Magali and Cedric, a couple from Belgium with their six years old son, Victor, came to Tuscany Italy to spend some quality time and enjoy the scenic landscapes, relish the rich culture, and make themselves delighted with the versatile Italian food.
I had the privilege and honor to spend time with the family and accompany them in La Bagnaia, a hotel in the medieval-era village that is just 7.5 miles away from Siena.
The most exciting thing about Siena and the surrounding region is its picturesque landscape. Many people come here every year to enjoy the beautiful landscape, fresh air, and cool breeze that soothe the mind and tranquil the heart. As you can see in the photo above, the couple is looking at their son, smiling, and enjoying the fresh air. Smiles on their faces are due to the colossal blessing, which is in the form of their cute son.

Victor loved the place near La Bagnaia, and while he was playing around in the fields, I took some photos of Magali and Cedric. They asked me to help them choose the best scenery for the couple’s photoshoot.

I decided on the place, which was a dirt road with a striking backdrop. The skies were clear, and it was time to trigger the shutter of my high-quality camera.

While I was clicking their photos, I told the husband to hold his wife in his hands and make an attractive pose. I instructed them to make a natural pose and hug each other. I felt the couple was over the moon, and their oxytocin levels were increasing with joy, jubilation, and contentment.

Without a doubt, there is nothing more romantic and loving than being in each other arms.

I loved Victor’s cute smile and his lovely poses. The outfit he wore was simple, but yet very much adoring. Both Magali and Cedric were talking in their native language about the heart touching scenery and watching their six-year-old cute son posing for the photos. There were smiles all around. I also got inspired by the love and care they had for each other.

Look at the mom’s son’s love for each other. The satisfaction in her heart can be seen through her face and smile as she hugs her cute son.

I took this picture and believe that it will remain in their photo album forever.

I had to click perfect photos like I always do, and lighting is a key factor when it comes to creating a successful photo. That’s why I made some adjustments to control the light to get vibrancy in color, best texture, and luminosity.

Magali looked gorgeous in the outfit. I blurred the background a bit to focus more on her, and by God, she is looking stunningly beautiful. Isn’t she?
Here we go again. Family time chit chat, smiles, cool fresh breeze, the atmosphere was heart-warming for the family, and that was something I really cherished.
Imagine Victor seeing these photo in the future and have tears of joy remembering his childhood vacations to Tuscany, Italy. Wow, that would give him goosebumps.
Lastly, it was an amazing time spent in the open with the family near La Bagnaia.
The only thing that soothes my mind is that the family loved the photographs and appreciated me for taking amazing photos.

The family said they would remember me and stay in touch. There is nothing more valuable for me than being appreciated by my clients. I hope, wish, and pray for the family’s happiness and prosperity. Until next time!



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