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Hi, my name is Alessandro Taddeini. I am professional engagement and wedding photographer offering my services in Tuscany, Italy.

I welcome you again in another blog post where I was to share the amazing wedding photo session of a cute couple from Italy.

The bride is from the scenic city of Florence and the groom is from Siena, Tuscany – another beautiful and historical city in Italy.


First, I want to congratulate the couple for starting a new life journey and pray for their utmost happiness, serenity, and peace in the coming life.

I was hired by the couple for wedding photo session in Siena, Tuscany, and after the ceremony we moved to a stunning venue – Locanda Vesuna – located in the heart of the famous Val d’Orcia.

I went to Siena and stayed there for a while – waiting for the couple to get ready for the ceremony.

While they were getting ready, I asked them to take a few photos and told them that they would watch them with their children together in the future remembering the good old days.

So, I took a few photos in the groom’s house where the groom and bride were getting ready – wearing wedding clothes, makeup, and footwear. There were laughs and smiles. They were happy and I felt good to see a happy couple.

Giulia looks beautiful in creamy white clothing – and the poses she made were simply attractive – with her eyes closed and her heart smiling for the big day.

Indeed, she looked beautiful in her white dress. Here family members assisted her to wear the wedding dress. They were talking to each other and had some fun before the ceremony. Surely, it is the bride’s protocol to be assisted and loved on the big day.

The big smile on the groom’s face shows how happy he was. White shirt, navy blue suit, charming smile, glowing face, everything looked perfect.

After everyone was ready, we moved to Palazzo Pubblico, Sala del Concistoro, in “Square Piazza Del Campo” for the wedding ceremony.

Piazza Del Campo is one of the most famous sights in Siena. Without a doubt, it is also a beautiful place in Italy and a perfect spot for a wedding ceremony. 

Why couples choose this place? Well, I must tell you that here, you can enjoy the medieval atmosphere as this Siena boasts many wedding venues for all sorts of wedding ceremonies – be it religious or civil.

The groom was ready to meet his new wife – so, I got in front and took the opportunity to click some beautiful photos. 

The bride came in – the groom was waiting for – and as they saw each other – they looked at each other in the eye – and I am sure they had made many promises in their hearts to keep each other happy for the rest of their lives.

I was there watching them. So, I took another photo where the bride was walking towards the groom and looking at him with a big smile. It was indeed a “WOW moment” for everyone in the hall including me.

While on our way to Locanda Vesuna for after wedding photography, we stopped by beautiful locations and captured a few photos.

We stopped to take some pictures at Cappella della Madonna di Vitaleta, the place where the famous and award-winning movie “Gladiator” was filmed. Val d’Orcia is beautiful and the landscape is great for wedding photography. 

Anyway, when we reached the villa, I took more photos of the newly wedded couple. Like always, they looked beautiful and the background, as usual, was the best I have ever shot. 

Wrapping up, I love clicking timeless photos, which effortlessly covey romance and sophistication – inspired by tasteful things as well as a craving to share beautiful elegance – from the details of preparation to the beautiful send-off.

So much so, with inspiration drawn from Italy and many years of experience in engagement and wedding photography – I know exactly how to make the groom, the bride, and the couples feel effortlessly attractive in front of my photo camera.

I keenly take all considerations into account to capture the big moments you will want to remember for years in an extremely professional manner. I believe in timelessness and simplicity – something that is editorial style and easygoing with an Italian touch.

So, after the wedding, the couple had moved to the United States. I wish them the best of luck for their coming life. May God keep them together forever!

Lastly, if you are looking for high-quality and professional photography in Tuscany, Italy, I will do beautiful, timeless, and editorial-style wedding photography – something that you will love and remember forever. Contact me today!



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