Marissa and Frank engagement session in Florence

To all engaged couples, I am so happy that you have found love and adoration in each other. I wish you all the very best with your upcoming wedding plans and I pray that you have a gorgeous life together.
I congratulate you on the wonderful commitment to each other. You two are made for each other and I must say you always stay in love and the dearest for each other for the rest of your lives.

Choosing the beautiful city of Florence for your engagement is like making a romantic dream come true.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places in Tuscany, Italy.
Just to give you an idea, Florence highlights the charm of both historic and modern city – as it combines the scenic countryside in the surrounding with beautiful Renaissance-era architectural buildings in the main town.
You surely will cherish the excitement, joy, and happiness of sharing your unique moments.

This is the joy of celebrating your engagement photo session in an unparalleled location in Florence.

Hi, welcome to my blog section again. I am Alessandro Taddeini – a professional wedding and engagement photographer in Florence, Tuscany Italy.
Today, I will share an incredible photo session story with you – about a couple “Frank and Marissa” who had a proposal engagement photo session here at Florence.

The couple visited Italy recently from Nashville, Tennessee – the United States.
I took some photos of the couple posing in white dresses – as you can see in the photos , Marissa is wearing a pure white dress and her fiancée is wearing a white shirt and black pants. This is a perfect combination for the couple – as it went in line with the landscape of Florence.
Normally, I ask engaged couples to wear dresses that complement each other although there are absolutely no rules – as engaged couples can feel free to wear anything they want.
I had no suggestions for Marissa and Frank as they were looking perfect.

The following are some of the photos in which you can clearly see the beauty and charm of the newly engaged couple.

Everyone who has visited Florence will – without a doubt – say that San Miniato al Monte is the crown jewel of Florence. This gorgeous place represents a marvelous spot for engaged couple photoshoots.
For Marissa and Frank – the day was special – and Mother Nature had favored them as the weather was beautiful, cool breeze, beautiful scenery as well as the hide and seek of sun and clouds allowed for amazing photography.
The beautiful couple dressed to impress the surroundings and had an awesome shoot at Piazzale Michelangelo. I took the photos at different times of the day.

The couple said, “This is the most romantic place in the world.”

Proposing your fiancé or partner feels like the most beautiful thing ever. Marissa got surprised when her fiancé Frank knelt down and proposed her for a wedding.
Hearing the words “will you marry me” sprouted flowers in her heart – as I was not only capturing photos but the tears of joy and a soft smile on her face.
It was an exciting moment for me as a photographer. I haven’t seen such an emotional moment before that could bring so much happiness.

A wedding proposal in a beautiful city like Florence and particularly at the best panoramic site made them feel over the moon.
I felt not only happy as a professional photographer – but also as a guide giving them guidelines, which helped them discover these two beautiful panoramic sites in Florence. This made their day beautiful and special.
Wrapping up, if you are planning to propose your girlfriend or partner – as well as give her the most beautiful moments that would last forever in her heart – Florence is your go-to place for engagement photography.

The photo session at Florence is indeed a perfect setting for you to immortalize love. I will capture your most beautiful moments through which you can recreate the enchanted atmosphere of your special day memories whenever you want.
So, if you are planning engagement photography, feel free to contact me – and I will be privileged to be part of your beautiful moment and save your gorgeously special day in my camera.

Thank you and Good Luck!


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