Auriane & Daniele Honeymoon Engagement in Tuscany

Engagement Photography – the best you can get

Engagement is the most beautiful moment in one’s life – representing a formal agreement to your future marriage.
It is a lovely commitment, which binds you with your fiancée. Capturing priceless memories as an engaged or married couple brings tranquility and serenity in life.

I am a professional photographer with many years of experience in the field. Although I have done event photography at a large scale – I am more involved in engagement photography.
I also do wedding and honeymoon photography on demand. Recently, I clicked many stunning photos of a young couple who came to Borgo San Felice, which is located in Castelnuovo Berardenga in the heart of the Chianti wine district – near Siena.

Auriane and Daniele – one of the best couples I have seen so far – were looking gorgeous in the serene outdoor picturesque beauty of Borgo San Felice at Castelnuovo Berardenga.
A honeymoon is Tuscany is incredibly beautiful – because of its stunning scenery and natural landscapes – this region is the favorite honeymoon destination for many couples and that’s why Auriane and Daniele came here.

For me, it was a privilege being a professional photographer and working at Borgo San Felice with this beautiful couple as a honeymoon snapper.

I was honored to take pictures of Auriane and Daniele honeymoon in Borgo San Felice.

On top of the stunning backdrop and impeccable style, this venue brings more love and affection to all of their honeymoon planning. The location was actually awe-inspiring for the new couple and they looked so happy – as you can see in the photos.
Looking at each other in the eyes and holding hands – with attractive large flower pots and spectacular architecture was the perfect pose that couldn’t stop me to capture it.
It was a wow-moment for Auriane and Daniele.
So, in the magic atmosphere of the countryside, Auriane and Daniele chose the most striking and beautiful venue of Borgo San Felice for their honeymoon. A kiss of love! Well, let the photos do all the talking because a picture is worth a thousand words.
Wrapping up, I run a photography business, which covers portraits for engagement and family photography. I am highly skillful in scenic portraits, on-location photography, as well as headshot and studio photography.

I photograph all types of engagements in Florence, Tuscany in Italy. No matter what your vision is, there are beautiful places in Tuscany such as Borgo San Felice that will suit your engagement photos – and I would love to figure it out and pull it off.
So much so, I find myself lucky to pop into beautiful moments in the lives of people – in such a beautiful and scenic place – and when it comes to my part, I make your engagement as special and unique as it can possibly be.
Tell your beloved girlfriend or boyfriend who will soon become your fiancé that you are going to organize an “engagement session” in Florence, Tuscany.
I will show you the best locations and take some beautiful and memorable photographs of both of you – at the same time, I will give some fascinating history of the areas.
Please feel free to contact me to explain your engagement photography ideas – I am open to ideas and discussions.

I will be very excited to create a sophisticated plan for you and send you an affordable quote. Happy Engagement!