Isabella’s Family shoot in Florence

16 May 2019

Family photos: the best idea to celebrate a special reunion

Nowadays, it’s very common for families to be spread all over a country or even the world. Since the members don’t meet very often, every day spent together is absolutely valuable and deserves to be celebrated.

This is even more true if the reunion happens far from the original home: that’s the case of these beautiful women, who decided to have family photos taken during their trip to Florence.

Isabella, a young lady from New York, contacted me on a special occasion: a family meeting with her mother and sisters in Florence. She is in fact the oldest of three sisters: the youngest one is called Maya while the middle one, Natalia, is the reason why they met in Tuscany. She had spent a semester studying in Florence: what better occasion than that to visit an amazing city and take family photos there?

The photo shoot took place between Piazzale Michelangelo and San Miniato al Monte two incredible spots that offer stunning architecture, green nature and a breathtaking view over Florence.

In their family photos you can really see the strength of the bond between the sisters and the deep love of a proud mother: they are a wonderful group of women and it was a pleasure to portray them!

Some good reasons for family photos

There are many good reasons why you can choose to have family photos taken, just as Isabella, her sisters and her mother did.

The first one is that they allow you to have a one-of-a-kind memory of a happy moment, whether it is a particular occasion or just everyday joy.

The second reason is that all of you can be in the picture, while usually there’s always someone missing from family photos: the one who shoots them. If you hire a professional photographer, you won’t have this problem? and this also takes us to the third good reason for professional family photos: they will be real pieces of art, that you can print, frame and put on your wall, cherishing them for your whole life.

Get inspired by Isabella’s family photos and contact me on your next trip to Florence for your own, customized shooting?

Are you visiting Florence with your loved ones and wish to keep a special memory of it?

Ask a professional to take family photos of you! Let these inspire you!


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