Celebrate your love with winter engagement photos in Florence

16 May 2019

Shooted for Studiobonon

Celebrate your love with winter engagement photos in Florence

When it comes to weddings and company, people usually tend to prefer summer over winter. If it’s true that the warm season can make things easier, it’s equally true that the cold one can make them more romantic and unique.

I?m sure you will agree with me, after looking at Eloisa and Kostantino’s winter engagement photos?

Eloisa and Kostantino’s winter engagement photos

Eloisa and Kostantino are an elegant and nice couple of mixed origins: she comes from Florence, he is Greek and they met in Australia, where they fell in love and are still living.

They decided to get married in Florence, because they’re both fond of its charming atmosphere made of historic architecture and timeless art. Before the wedding, though, they wanted to dedicate a few hours just to themselves shooting their winter engagement photos.

The suffused light of that December day conveyed a delicate and rarefied atmosphere to their photos, while the outfits they wore gave a touch of vintage style.

During the shooting and in the photos themselves, you can really see the love that connects these two beautiful souls: they danced, kissed, hugged, smiled and expressed their feelings with every possible gesture.

Florence was the perfect frame for their winter engagement photos, that we shot between San Miniato al Monte and Piazzale Michelangelo, with their impressive architecture and the even more spectacular view they offer.

Let your Florence photographer guide you

In order to find these magical spots and get the best out of your winter engagement photos, all you have to do is rely on your Florence photographer.

Not only should you pick someone whose style you like, but also a professional who knows the city by heart and loves it as much as you do. He will take you to the best places based on your wishes and needs and even based on the season and weather of your photoshoot.

Florence in the cold season is way quieter and the pale light will make it appear ethereal and even more poetic than usual. Trust your photographer: he will know where, when and how to shoot the most romantic winter engagement photos you could dream of.

Winter engagement photos are the perfect idea to honor your love before the wedding, and Florence is the perfect setting for them. Get inspired by this story


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